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1,900 Scholarships Granted

$600,000 in Scholarships Awarded

The YOS program started in 2011 and has given over 1,900 students throughout the Bay Area the opportunity to explore a personal passion or interest – enriching their lives and helping them embrace the rewards of hard work and overcoming challenges.


  • "I have learned that I love to push myself and ask for help."

    Ariane 8th Grade
  • "I learned that when things are difficult you don’t just give up, you just keep trying and if that doesn’t work you just turn around and approach your challenges differently."

    Chyna 7th Grade
  • "I learned that I am willing to work hard for something I love."

    Olivia 8th Grade
  • "I love music and so do my parents. They were proud of me when I got a scholarship."

    Raymond 6th Grade
  • "When I am done with this program I will come out proud of myself because I have spent my summer doing something useful and really fun."

    Daniel 7th Grade
  • "Thanks to the program I met new friends from different schools and different ages."

    Fatima 6th Grade
  • "I feel like learning to read music is an ability to open a new part of my mind; it’s really a chance to discover a different type of art….this will be a skill I would keep for the rest of my life."

    Desiree 8th Grade
  • "I have found out that I can learn a lot of things in a short amount of time. This has given me hope that I may be able to do anything as long as I set my mind to do so."

    Sandy 8th Grade
  • "I learned how to challenge myself. I learned my weaknesses and what I’m good at."

    Yasmin 6th Grade
  • "From taking music lessons, I have discovered that music is my friend. It gives me joy to be lucky enough to finally take music lessons and be able to afford them. I have learned that making music is my transformation into a different person – a happier, luckier, and smarter person."

    Anna 8th Grade
  • "While doing gymnastics I’ve learned that even though I’m really scared to do something, trying and taking the risk pays off because the more I practice, the more better at it I get."

    Amaya 7th Grade
  • "I learned that I can be confident about myself, and if I put myself to a task of achieving a goal I can accomplish it. I also learned that being confident about myself can help me a lot by me trying new things every day."

    Fatima 6th Grade
  • "I thought that I already have all the stuff I need to know at my grade level. But I was wrong. I learned MANY things that I’ve never known before and it was challenging. I love challenges and this helped me get accepted to a concert directed by the boss of the music store!"

    Betty 8th Grade
  • "It is because of caring people like yourself and the sponsors that there are these kinds of opportunities out there for our youth.  Creating opportunities to enrich their lives.  I believe this is one step in pushing our youth in the right positive direction.  You might think it is something little, but I believe these are one of those opportunities that matter.  One of those moments that the youth will remember and treasure. Having one positive moment in life can change the path that our youth choose.  Thank you!"

    Parent of a YOS Scholar
  • "I have learned that when you really want to do something, you do it with passion."

    Isis 8th Grade